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Your Ultimate Thanksgiving Feast Countdown Planner

At last, there’s the crisp Autumn air we’ve been waiting for! And with November officially here, we can all really start thinking about the holidays – specifically, Thanksgiving. The feast that takes days of preparation is just 3 weeks away and if we want to make this very special day run smoothly…and deliciously, it’s important to start planning now.

So here’s your Thanksgiving Feast Countdown Planner…so you won’t miss a single beat when it comes to the much anticipated, Turkey Day!

3 Weeks Out:

  1. Plan Your Menu
    -How many guests to account for?
    -Going traditional with a turkey OR changing it up this year with ham, roast beef, or our very own special porchetta?
    -What kinds of sides to pair with the bird (or other meat)
    -Vegan friends or family to consider?
  2. Collect your recipes
  3. Make Your Shopping List
  4. Order Your Turkey from Bristol Farms (in-store or online)
  5. Shop for beer, wine, soda (get that out of the way now)

2 Weeks Out:

  1. Clean Out Your Fridge and Freezer
  2. Track down all of your serving dishes, silver, china, etc. and move to one centralized area in your home
  3. Make and freeze pie dough
  4. Decide on tabletop decor.

1 Week Out:

  1. Shop for all your non-perishables
  2. Pick up your turkey (if frozen). Let frozen turkey thaw in fridge until 2 days before, when you’ll prep and brine it.
  3. Buy decorations

3 Days Out:

  1. Pick up your turkey (if fresh).
  2. Double check your recipes and shopping list and add to the list if need be.
  3. Buy all perishable items.
  4. Pick up any/all last minute ingredients, snacks, serveware, etc.

2 Days Out:

  1. Prep & Brine Your Turkey. We like these methods here.
  2. Polish silverware and wipe down plates, glasses, etc.
  3. Set table with place settings and decor.

24 Hours Before:

  1. Make cold appetizers like cheese dips and veggie platters.
  2. Make re-heatable side dishes and refrigerate.
  3. Prep ingredients
  4. Bake desserts
  5. Label serving plates and dishes with the items you want served in them

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